Who we are

The CraftCode Crew, formerly known as “Billige Plätze”, is the proof that, if you leave a bunch of potentials unsupervised somewhere in the off and don’t pay any further attention, one day something will come out of it.

We are a group of friends who went through a lot already. In the IT world, the struggle is real — that brought us closer together. We participate in Hackathons, start our own projects, study for exams, spend all week long in the office to learn and work, do sports, stress out, meditate, troll each other and have serious talks.

Luckily our struggle leads to results and we already delivered a lot: apps, award-winning-prototypes and high-potential ideas, scientific papers and, of course, good grades. Each of us has his/her own important role and perspective and with this, we work together as a perfect team!

We are Cem Freimoser, Danny Seledtsova, Dominik Jülg, Leon Gottschick, Sören Hemken, and friends.

We believe in the mighty power of „biceps“, empower a world of discriminatory freedom and good vibes only!