Explore the Unexplored! (Tech world)

Autumn is coming. This is the time when I like to grab a cup of hot tea and crawl under a warm blanket with my laptop. As a developer, it’s a good time to broaden your horizons with new knowledge. … Continue reading “Explore the Unexplored! (Tech world)”

5 Essential Things about Working with a Product Owner

When a team has issues at communication with their Product Owner you may have serious trouble coming towards you. Having problems dealing and talking with your Product Owner inherits a lot of risks for everyone, e.g. it can lead to … Continue reading “5 Essential Things about Working with a Product Owner”

My date with Dart and Flutter

Motivation …Hey, guys! It’s time for another blog post from me. This time I want to write about my experiences with Flutter and Dart. Every software developer is regularly confronted with new concepts, frameworks or languages, so am I. I … Continue reading “My date with Dart and Flutter”