Quickstart: Get ready for 3rd Spoken CALL Shared Task

These days is Interspeech conference 2018 where I’m invited as a speaker and as they write on their website… Interspeech is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. Coming Wednesday the … Continue reading “Quickstart: Get ready for 3rd Spoken CALL Shared Task”

Spring Cloud Netflix Sidecar Tutorial

Introduction Hey guys,this week’s post is about Microservices created with the various Spring Cloud frameworks and how to include services written in non-JVM programming languages into the Spring Cloud ecosystem using Spring Cloud Netflix Sidecar. Please be aware that this … Continue reading “Spring Cloud Netflix Sidecar Tutorial”

Rasa Core & NLU: Conversational AI for dummies

AI is a sought-after topic, but most developers face two hurdles that prevent them from programming anything with it. It is a complex field in which a lot of experience is needed to achieve good results Although there are good … Continue reading “Rasa Core & NLU: Conversational AI for dummies”